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Swimming pool

Use* of the swimming pool and fitness center for hotel guests

What could be better than leaving all the stress behind after a hard day, a tiring drive or a long week at work and completely calming down, relaxing and recharging your batteries? Pamper your body and let your soul dangle.

Restrictions on hotel services are possible at any time due to officially ordered measures to combat the Corona Pandemic.
Thanks for your understanding.

*For security reasons, the use of the swimming pool and gym is only possible when the reception is staffed.

Wellness im Hotel Strohofer Geiselwind
Wellness im Hotel Strohofer

The swimming pool is available to our hotel guests, admission through the hotel reception.

We ask for your understanding that for safety reasons the swimming pool can only be opened when the reception is occupied.

Conditions for the use of the swimming pool for hotel guests:

Please use the showers in your hotel rooms.

We ask that you already change in your hotel rooms.


Fitness im
Hotel Strohofer

Fitnessraum im Hotel Strohofer Geiselwind
Fitness im Hotel Strohofer

The circular devices of Gym80 are the perfect training start for young people, seniors, beginners and Advanced. The Power circle with 9 different equipment for all muscle groups in offers an ideal full-body Workout only 20 minutes.

On the coordinated devices with a total of 17 joint-friendly Exercises, you can strengthen your muscles and bone structure in a short period of time. To strengthen the cardiovascular system, to promote their health and recovery, you will also find a large selection of cardio equipment in our Studio.

Restrictions on hotel services are possible at any time due to measures ordered by the authorities. Thanks for your understanding.
Thanks for your understanding.

Fitness im Hotel Strohofer